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Children of the ages between 18 months and 6 years are extremely receptive. First Step Pre School' fun-filled programme makes the most of this by encouraging the children to understand and develop basic language skills while also developing social skills, gross and fine motor skills and creativity at the same time, through songs, music and imaginative play.

At First Step Pre School, we strongly believe that each child is a unique person and imbibes social, physical and intellectual behaviour over a period of time.

    Our Infrastructure

    Infrastructure at our play schools has been specially designed to suit the young, bouncy and eager preschoolers, keeping in mind their inquisitive and explorative nature. The arrangements at our play schools promote learning through, and with, fun and cheer. The bright facade of our play school buildings and the clean, colorful interiors combine in creating the perfect atmosphere for the children to 'react' in and pick up the basic skills. At our play schools, there are no formal classrooms, just thematic rooms like an aqua room, audio-visual room, art and craft room and so on.

    The role play room is particularly useful in enhancing life skills in small children. The rooms are well stocked, with non-toxic toys and equipment, as per the theme and learning objective of each particular room. The outdoor play area at our play schools include a splash pool and a mud pit, prime examples of ‘learn while you have fun’. Children learn to co-exist and share, as well as to enhance gross motor skills – thereby making this an ideal fun learning place for the children.

Our Strengths

  • All learning activities at our pre-schools are presented through play.
  • Trained and motivated teachers and other personnel.
  • Safe and fun-filled environment.
  • Educational aids and play equipment of international quality.
  • Comprehensive orientation of teachers to maintain standard teaching methodology at our preschool.
  • Periodic inspection of hygiene and safety and personnel at each pre-school centre.
  • Pleasant indoors .
  • Large outdoors .
  • Provision for transfer of a student from one pre-school centre to another within the city .
  • Our pre-school Centers to open in major cities across India.

Our Goal

  • Our Goal at First Step Pre-School is to provide interaction and experiences to help kids to:
  • Develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Develop conflict resolution skills.
  • Be a responsible member of the community.

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